Coming to the End

    Last week I went to Base Supply and turned in the last of my issued kit.   The stuff in the photo is part of it.   The […]

Spiritual House Keeping

Military chaplains, like pastors, are often called on to write short and pithy inspirational messages for local newspapers.  In my case, my boss and the base newspaper (The Borden Citizen) […]

A Month After The Alberta Floods

Just over a month ago southern Alberta experienced unseasonably heavy rains which caused significant flooding from the Rocky Mountains through Calgary as far east as Medicine Hat, where I currently […]

No Soldier Is An Island

Just before Christmas my buddy Padre Howard, a handsome but clueless individual, called me to say that he needed some writing from me for the first thing in January. Howard […]

Back To The Stacks

I got a very pleasant letter this week, the formal answer to my application for one of many post-graduate degree progams to be sponsored by the Canadian Forces in the […]

A Talk To Sea Cadets

Back in May I was approached by the commander of the local corps of Royal Canadian Sea Cadets to help them organize a service for Battle of the Atlantic Sunday. […]

Christmas at Suffield 2

My work at Suffield also takes place outside the chapel. A garrison padre’s lot is generally a quite one. People are busy in their workshops and offices, and other than […]

Christmas At Suffield 1

Things are winding down at CFB Suffield, the base where I am currently posted. One of my duties as Padre is providing worship services at the small base chapel. If […]