The Poet Laureate Of The Hanoi Hilton

An inspiring story about John Borling, the US airman whose poems, tapped out in code in the notorious North Vietnamese prison, the “Hanoi Hilton”, kept alive the hearts and souls […]

Sadly, No Death Star Anytime Soon

It’s astonishing to me that over 30,000 people signed a petition calling on the White House to “build the “Star Wars” inspired super-weapon to spur job growth and bolster national […]

Christmas at Suffield 2

My work at Suffield also takes place outside the chapel. A garrison padre’s lot is generally a quite one. People are busy in their workshops and offices, and other than […]

Military Humour of the Week

During World War Two, Canadian soldiers, who were often more Canadian than they were soldiers, citizens putting up with hardship and absurdity to do a necessary and unpleasant job, laughed […]

Britain’s New Forces Sweetheart Named

Vera Lynn left some pretty big high-heeled shoes to fill but apparently Richard Rhodes is the man to fill them. Rhodes, who goes by the stage name of Cookie Monstar, […]

Military Picture of the Week

This beast has been developed by the British Army to protect soldiers from Improvised Explosive Devices, the insurgents’ weapon of choice in Afghanistan. A Buffalo mine protection vehicle with a […]