Can You Judge A Book By It’s Cover?

It looks that way. A tip of the beret to Sean McLachlan, indie author and blogger, for putting me onto the Lousy Book Covers website. Lots of (e)books here I […]

We Need A Vicar

My brother the Mad Colonel sent me this recently. I found the video absolutely delightful. I hope they find a new vicar soon, and I hope he (or she) has […]

How To Spoil A First Person Shooter

A friend of a friend on Twitter put me on to the website XKCD, A Webcomic of Romance, Sarcasm, Math, and Language. Well, those are three of my favourite things. […]

Beer, It’s Lovely!

My buddy Padre Gibby sent me this lovely vintage ad today via the Retronaut site and it had to arrive in the middle of my Lenten fast from beer, spirits, […]

Your Very Own Canadian Scene!

While noodling around the Government of Canada website today (it was work! The Defence Team Newsletter told me to go there!) I came upon a Cut Past and Colour activity […]

The Minstrel Boy To The Wars Is Gone …

… in the ranks of the flip-flopped you will find him. Provenance of this photo is unclear. Possibly it’s from the recent fighting in Libya. A friend of mine is […]

With Queen Victoria in Ottawa

The 24th of May is the Queen’s birthday, so they sang in my mother’s day. Ottawa’s excellent repertory cinema, the ByTowne (another reason why I’d like to get posted to […]

Kate Beaton Does Canadian History

Props to my nephew Tom for putting me on to the artwork of Kate Beaton, whose Hark A Vagrant strip offers whimsical takes on Canadiania, history, philosophy, and general nonsense. […]

Anglican Priest Barbie

My clergy friend Pastor Renee told me about Beauty Tips for Ministers,a blog by a Unitarian minister, PeaceBang, who believes that while clergy work from their hearts and souls, their […]