Trump And The Christians

Christian pastors praying with Trump, 21 Sept, 2016 It’s time for Christians to get off the Trump Train.   It is certainly time now, and it was time a long while […]

David Gushee On The Church Losing Its Stickiness

  Baptist pastor and theologican David Gushee offers an interesting analysis of how Donald Trump’s supporters who self-identify as Christian evangelicals attend church less frequently than other evangelicals, particularly those […]

Jeffrey Toobin on ”Cafeteria Government”

Whatever one thinks of Ms. Davis, Jeffrey Toobin’s short essay on the New Yorker website  raises some interesting points about whether religious accomodation amounts to “cafeteria citizenship” and even to […]

This IHOP Serves 24/7 Prayer, Not Pancakes

This article rom the New York Times, 9 July, 2011, describes a US church that combines a 24/7 cycle of continuous prayer with an eschatological focus on preparing for the […]