Whither The Mad Padre Blog?

This cartoon sums up how I’ve been feeling about what I’ve come to think of “the God Blog” of late. There are times when I feel like the vast majority […]

The American Civil War Day By Day

There are a number of sesquicentenial (175 years if you’re wondering — errr, wait, strike that. 150 years, thanks to an erudite Mad Padre reader) anniversary blogs tracking the American […]

Where was Mad Padre?

Mad Padre has been offline for several weeks while Mrs. Padre and I bashed around southern Alberta in our new/old VW Westfalia Vanagon camper. Today I’m clean shaven and looking […]

Afghanistan Blog of Note

Royal Air Force Sergeant Alex Ford volunteered to go to Afghanistan at age 41 because he felt guilty working a desk job at home. At 41, he is in military […]

Canada’s youngest RC Bishop is a Blogger

Interesting piece in today’s Globe and Mail about Fr. Thomas Dowd, the first Roman Catholic priest to start blogging in Canada and now to be Canada’s youngest RC Bishop. His […]

Like Twitter for Runners

Social media now wants to help couch poatoes who aspire to be athletes. For about a year now I’ve been part of the Nikeplus online running community, which is pretty […]

Two Preacher’s Blogs of Note

Who would have thought that Medicine Hat would have been chock full of blogging pastors? That is, if three counts as a “chock”? Besides myself, I am happy today to […]

Back Online In the Hat

July has passed in a mad rush. Clearing out of my post at 14 Wing, Greenwood, selling our house there and buying another house here in Medicine Hat, packing, moving, […]