July has passed in a mad rush. Clearing out of my post at 14 Wing, Greenwood, selling our house there and buying another house here in Medicine Hat, packing, moving, it all went by very quicky and very little activity here. As I write this, Kay and I are resting in our hotel room in Medicine Hat, waiting for the realtor to call and say the keys are available and waiting for Steve the moving truck driver to call and say he’s good to go. Above the television sit a small collection of plants, some brunnera taken from Kay’s garden in NS, and some other little guys adopted in Halifax or Cape Breton during our brief vacation that travelled with us in paper bag from Starbucks. There are other plants packed on Steve’s truck and we’ll know soon how they made it. Another chapter in what I described earlier in this blog as “The Strange Hopefulness of Military Gardeners”, although there’s been a lot of sadness with leaving yet another garden behind and praying that someone else will enjoy it. When we discovered a website called Virtual Turnpike (try it, you’ll like it), which allows you to see digital pictures of a street by address, Kay used it to see how her garden in London, ON was doing, and was pleasantly surprised.

So much to catch up on here, including our last adventures in Atlantic Canada and a lot of military news and some book reviews to post in the days and weeks ahead, as well as a new set of adventures in Alberta to describe.