Start with this intelligent discussion between Macleans magazine columnists Andrew Coyne and Peter Wells, which includes this gem by Coyne:

“I know you’re not necessarily advocating withdrawal, but the implication—that we can leave Afghanistan to its fate and all will be well, or at least better—underestimates our adversary. We chafe because we have been in Afghanistan for eight years. Our enemy is bent on avenging the “tragedy of Andalusia,” i.e., the demise of Muslim rule in Spain, in 1492. We will be fighting them somewhere, I expect, for decades.”

Also spot on is Peter Wells’ comment that it’s well past time for the government of the day to get its messaging straight on the future of the mission: The only thing worse than a tight-lipped and sullen government is one that babbles incoherently.”

If you want more of this discussion, watch this CPAC special presentation between Wells, Coyne, Mercedes Stephenson (no idea who she was before watching this), Scott Taylor of Esprit de Corps magazine and former ambassador to Afghanistan Chris Alexander. About time we had a discussion like this.